The Rumble

The Rumble, far and low;

Came gliding onto the heavy sky,

Clouds dark, floating about,

Cast onto their brow,

A dampness…Rumbling.

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Lighting the Sky,

Painting the whole

A thunderous glow,

Crystal drops dancing,

As if setting the stage grand.

T’was close now,

The Rumble, come it did,

Searing through seas past,

Speeding, Racing the winds,

Searching for a damp abode.

Shower down, shower , shower,

Down down, the Rumble,

Platter … Platter danced,

Children of the clouds,

Down to the music of the rumble.

Thanks for reading folks 🙂

[The picture is from the internet]


The Flowing…

You want to scream,

To cry out loud,

To laugh on and on,

To go places,

Fly onto that alluring heights.


You want to run,

Away, far to dream’s paradise,

Away onto the azure sky,

Away far far away,

Hop onto that mighty wave.



You want to love,

Then, kiss it away,

Then treasure it inside,

Then tune it to heart’s rhythm,

Like poetry..flowing forever.