All Things Green And Good

Hello beautiful people ! Hope all of you are doing good. Have you ever been fascinated by colours ?? Vivid shades of blue, green, orange, red or black ??

Once I got to spend some time in the lush green tea gardens of Munnar, Kerala, India. Beautiful place.. and of course, a poet’s paradise !!

Simply penned down what came to my mind. The power of Green … here we go .


The blue green of deep oceans,

Where shoals swim and pearls sparkle,

Where green is deep mystery.


The green of lush meadows,

Where the morning glow drops in dews,

Where green is hope for a bright day.


Velvet-green of the hills,

Where sounds of music roams free,

Green is melody, straight from heavens.


The green eyes of the striped beauty,

That roams the jungle fearless,

Where green is ferocity.


The green of a little pixie,

That prances around my window sill,

Only in my dreams, where green is magic.


The green of the Christmas tree,

When the winter is high,

Where green is new beginning – to love, care.


The green of the huge oak tree,

In my courtyard,

Where green is strength.


The green of ice candies,

That tickle my taste buds,

When green is yummy.


Bright green of the balloons,

Tied to balloon-man’s cycle

Green, like an urchin prancing.


The thunderstorm drains hard,

Now, on my window sill ,

And I am scared.


That the green pixie would go away,

That the rain would wash away

All things green and good.


The first picture is of the tea gardens of Munnar. The latter, from a watchtower at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, around 50 km from Munnar. Photo Courtesy – Sagar, Megs.

Β© 2019 Anakha K Vijay. The Dreamcatcher. All Rights Reserved.Β 

Well, thats it ! Thanks for reading. Eager to hear your stories with colours.. nature’s palette !

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