The Night

The mysteries of the dark night have always fascinated men. Shadows.. dancing to the wind, wolves hunting in packs, the moon, stars, fairy tales told by grannies… and a lot more! Here is my own version of the mysteries of the night. As the day dies … 

The tired day lulled itself into a sleep;
Tight, beneath its starry blanket,
Oh! How the moonlight shone,
Colouring meadows a silver glee.

Tired eyes, dozed off;
Shutting out, worries,
Sapiens bore all day,
Now, deep in sleep, unaware,
Of wonders , that the night set.

The Moon shone; serene
Shy, as if awaiting her love.
Oh! how they loved- clouds and moon,
Never tired, in each others’ arms,
In the star-lit sky.

Roofs shone, milky white
Beneath lay, children lending ears
To tales, that for generations echoed
In the silence of the night,
From lips of nannies old.

Little twinkling stars, stood steady
Staring into the secrets of the night,
Oh! how they gleamed,
As if, they were diamonds
From the deepest mines.

Wolves moved forth,
Searching for prey, pacing
The distance of night,
In quiet stealth, only to scare,
Folks awake in the night’s depths.

The wind blew, steady
Whispering secrets unknown,
Across distances of the night,
As if a spy on the round.

Crickets sang, owled hooted,
Rustling leaves swayed,
To the symphony of musicians –
Invisible, singing to ghosts of days past.

Shadows danced, swinging
To the night’s rhythm,
Oh! how they swang,
As if a ballerina’s feat,
As the trees clapped in applause.

Then, slowly, lovers in the sky bid adieu,
Stars dissolved,
wolves fled to caves dark,
As human eyes, awoke to night’s death.

Well, all things good,
Are once to end,
So does the night vanish,
Taking its wonders into hiding,
Only to hide till the day is tired.

Well, this one is a long one ain’t it ? Can’t really seem to contain the mysteries of the night in a few words ! Thanks for your time…

– DC.

©Anakha Vijay, June 2019. 

Photo credit – Megs.

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